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Define The Art Of Coffee at Home. Dubuque coffee now available at Schnucks.Every bag of Dubuque Coffee  is packed with quality, passion,  and community. From the moment each roast begins, you can tell by the thought and commitment that goes into each batch. And now, you can find your favorite Dubuque varieties in your local Schnucks stores.   After more than three decades of being immersed in the international coffee trade, Charles Dubuque began the company with a hand-picked team of dedicated support staff and talented artisans.The journey of each of our coffees  begins thousands of miles away. From our premier growing regions in Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, or even Kenya and Sumatra, we source only the very finest hand-selected beans. Once the beans arrive, we get to work. Our passionate team constantly creates and perfects blends that have led to some of our most popular brews.Find your favorite Dubuque coffeeFollow us on FacebookFollow us on InstagramDubuque Coffee Company  |  1007 Hanley Industrial Ct.  |  St. Louis, MO 63144  |  314-227-6680