Charles T. Dubuque, President

Those who know Charles Dubuque understand why he was inspired to launch Dubuque Coffee Company. His unrelenting dedication to customer relationships and service speaks to the success of the company. He also believes that to be successful, they must produce premier products that customers want to serve and drink. Charles gives much credit to the power of blind taste tests and his handpicked, dedicated staff which he says are some of the best professionals in the business.

With more than 33 years of experience in just about every facet of the business, Charles has built a strong national reputation within the food industry. (Some even suspect he has coffee running through his veins.) He is involved with the St. Louis Chefs de Cuisine, The Missouri Restaurant Association, and The St. Louis and Missouri Hotel Association Boards, among others. Charles holds a bachelor’s degree from St. Louis University. In his limited free time, he enjoys playing golf and the hospitality of the many restaurants, hotels and resorts he serves.


John Gaglio, Vice President of Operations

John began his work career in education, ultimately becoming an elementary school principal. Now, John handles all of our purchasing responsibilities and facility management and also oversees our production and warehousing operations. John brings more than 30 years of industry experience to the team and a reputation with our vendors as someone who really understands partnerships and we have benefited greatly from that reputation. There isn’t a harder working or more caring individual within our company than John.

Barry Jarrett, Director of Coffee Development

Barry has worked in the coffee industry for more than 25 years and has developed an excellent reputation within the industry. Barry served as a judge for the United States Barista Competition for a number of years, and is a member of both the Barista Guild and the Roasters Guild of the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Prior to joining us, Barry was the “boss” at Riley’s Coffee and Fudge for 19 years. Barry brings a passion for coffee and tremendous talent for sourcing, roasting and cupping coffees that all of us are so proud of. Barry is our resident scientist. Whether it’s chemistry, physics, electronics or even automotive subjects, chances are Barry knows the answer or has done the experiment!

Kelli Costello, Operations Manager
Kelli has done it all, literally! Originally hired on as summer help, Kelli has made her way through just about every role here at Dubuque and climbed the ranks to become our beloved Operations Manager! Not only does she oversee the entire warehouse and its growing staff, but she keeps track of anything coming and going from inventory, organizes the roasting/packaging schedule, and utilizes everybody's unique skill set to assure optimal results in coffee and tea production. Kellis hands-on approach along with her strong interpersonal communication skills is what makes her the powerhouse leader that she is. Kelli holds a Bachelors degree in Business and has started to raise a lovely family of her own.

Scott Skrivan, Vice President of Sales

Scott has been in the coffee industry for more than 30 years in a variety of sales roles. Scott brings an immense amount of energy and passion for this business and truly understands the importance of building relationships and being committed to serving the customer. Scott’s product, equipment technology and market knowledge are unmatched in the Midwest. Scott and his family have always had a passion for soccer as well. Whether it was playing, coaching or training, he’s done it. In college, Scott was an NAIA National Champion at Sangamon State. 

Ray Kondziela

Ray has nearly 30 years in private club management, understands client services and knows every aspect of a fine culinary experience. Previously General Manager and COO at the Ivanhoe Club in Mundelein, IL, Ray oversaw the club’s $5.9 million expansion and led marketing efforts to reinforce the club’s prestigious brand. Ray is a dynamic individual who is passionate about the hospitality industry and committed to building relationships. We view the Chicagoland area as our biggest near-term growth opportunity, and Ray is the ideal person to lead our sales and marketing efforts.

Mike Newell

Mike is our Regional Sales Director for St. Louis. With more than 20 years of industry experience, there isn’t anything that Mike hasn’t done. Mike’s interests have ranged from sky diving, white water kayaking, snowboarding, mountain biking, rock climbing, competitive archery and fishing! Besides being a great guy, Mike is really a reformed adrenaline junkie!

Mark Shaeffer

Mark is our Regional Sales Director for Southwest Missouri and the Lake of the Ozarks. Mark has more than 25 years of industry experience and regularly puts that knowledge to work either in sales, service repair for customers or using his knowledge to answer a range of questions and concerns. There just isn’t anything that Mark can’t handle.

Bill Reuhl

Bill joins the Dubuque Coffee as one of two Regional Sales Directors for the Greater Chicagoland market. Bill's passion for customer service, relationship building and coffee knowledge places him in high regard with his peers. Bill joins the Dubuque team with 20 plus years in the coffee industry and we are excited for him to share that knowledge with you!