Our Products

Casual, relaxed and magical. That’s the essence of our Brasserie blend. It is smooth, well rounded and medium bodied with a mild, toasty flavor. Brasserie delights with a subdued tanginess accompanied by undertones of dried fruit. Just like in an enchanting French bistro, it is a sensory mélange sure to satisfy day or night.

Meaning, “Flower of the Lily,” Fleur de Lis is one of our most popular blends. Crafted from select beans sourced in Central and South America, this is an enticing medium bodied coffee with a bright, clean, crisp taste. Subtly present are hints of dark chocolate and caramel flavors complemented by a soft, sweet finish. 

The artistry in Treize conjures the sunny terraces and outdoor cafés of colorful Provence. Treize is aromatic, full bodied and flavorful. This moderately dark roast with a natural fruity sweetness pairs well with desserts and offers a true joie de vivre.

Like a foggy stroll on the Champs-Élysées, our French Roast – the darkest roast of our selections – offers an enchanting journey of special taste. Refreshingly free from the overly ashy or burnt flavors often associated with many dark roasts, it is a medium-body blend with pleasingly mild and smoky nuances.

It’s both dark and smooth with medium body and low acidity. This blend has a caramel sweetness and lingering roasted finish to suit every palate. Designed for espresso, but excellent with all brewing methods, Cafe Noir is a wonderful all-purpose coffee.