Dubuque Specialty Teas

No matter the season, nothing soothes, satisfies or refreshes like a quality glass or cup of tea. Although we’re well known for our premium coffees, at Dubuque our reputation for exceptional iced tea and satisfying hot teas is second to none.

Dubuque Iced Tea is our own custom blend of the finest exotic black teas from China, Indonesia, South America and Africa. Our signature blend is carefully crafted to yield its unique color and rich smooth taste.

It is available in traditional signature Black, Decaffeinated, Green and Scented selections. Case quantities are 20-4 ounce. Each open brew pouch provides enough tea to produce three gallons of delicious finished Dubuque Iced Tea. These teas truly provide a multi-sensory experience.

We are proud to offer Mighty Leaf Teas as our selection of hot teas. Each Mighty Leaf selection is superior quality, artisan-crafted whole leaf tea presented in a stitched pouch for optimum infusion. The pre-portioned pouches bring out the full and nuanced flavors and aromas too big for ordinary tea bags.

Our hot teas are available in Black, Scented, Green and Herbal. Packaging for retail selections is 6/15 count. Packaging for refillable Racks and Tins is 100 count.