Our flavored coffees, such as Highlander Grog and Hazelnut, are made with the same premium quality coffees that we use for our blends and flavor-mixed in small batches. At Dubuque Coffee, we seek out premium green coffees from around the world for our single origin coffees and our blends. Green coffee samples from Central and South America, Africa and Indonesia are taste-tested prior to each purchase to ensure that all coffees maintain our signature taste profiles. Samples are pulled daily from our production roasts and tasted to ensure our offerings maintain their consistent flavor.

Blended coffees are available in 5 lb. whole bean valve bags, as well as pre-ground, nitrogen-flushed, fractional packages made with vented barrier film. Single-origin coffees are available in 5 lb. whole bean valve bags, or pre-ground in 3 oz. fractional packs. Generally, all coffee is packaged within 24 hours of roasting.

Iced Tea

Dubuque Iced Tea is a custom blend of the finest exotic black teas sourced from the farthest reaches of the globe including China, Indonesia, South America, and Africa. Our tantalizing blends are carefully processed to yield its optimum color and rich, smooth taste. These teas truly provide a multi-sensory experience. We make it available to you in traditional signature black, decaffeinated, green, and scented selections.

For convenience, all case quantities are 20-4 ounce. Each open brew pouch provides enough tea to produce three gallons of delicious finished Dubuque Iced Tea.

Hot Tea

For discerning lovers of hot tea, our Mighty Leaf Teas are superior quality artisan crafted whole leaf varieties. Each Mighty Leaf Tea is presented in a stitched tea pouch for the very best infusion. The pre-portioned pouches bring out the full and nuanced flavors and aromas too big for ordinary tea bags.

Our hot teas are available in Black, Scented, Green and Herbal. Packaging for retail selections is 6/15 count. Packaging for refillable Rack and Tins is 100 count.

All The Extras

A wonderful coffee experience doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We make sure you have all additional premium products needed for complete satisfaction. Dubuque Coffee has teamed with some of the very best suppliers of essential goods to assure your experience is outstanding around the clock from start to finish.

Included in the Dubuque beverage solution package
are these exceptional products:

• Cappuccino
• Torani Syrups
• Sauces
• Smoothies
• Juices
• Creamer, Sugar & Artificial Sweeteners
• Espresso Pods (Regular and Decaf)
• Varietal Coffee and Tea Pods
• Bold Liquid Coffee 30:1 (Regular and Decaf)
• Oregon Chai
• Umpqua Oats Cereals
• Mocafe Frappe
• Java Jackets
• Coffee Filters, Stir Sticks and, parts and cleaning materials needed to help produce the perfect cup.